Bambino vs Bambino Plus Breville: Which One is Best for You?

Bambino vs Bambino Plus Breville

Whether you’re a serious or a budding cook you will no doubt have heard of Breville. The brand is loved by bakers and non-bakers alike. Bambino vs Bambino Plus Breville There are many Breville products in the market, but here I will be comparing the Breville Bambino and the Breville Bambino Plus. Though it may look like the two are different products, they are actually in fact very similar.

I’ve been using a Breville Bambino Plus for about a year. It’s a pretty nice blender with an attractive design, a nice motor, and a very attractive price. Bambino vs Bambino Plus Breville But when I recently saw the newer Bambino from Breville, I was quite impressed and decided to purchase one. Here are the results of my comparison of the two blenders.

The Bambino and Bambino Plus are both very similar machines that offer a great espresso for an affordable price. Bambino vs Bambino Plus Breville However, there are some differences in how these machines work, along with the build quality. Bambino vs Bambino Plus Breville This blog will compare the two machines, along with a few others from Breville.

Bambino coffee maker

The Bambino is a single-serve coffee maker from Hamilton Beach. The Bambino has a premium charcoal water filter built into the reservoir that is designed to eliminate chlorine, bad tastes, and odors from tap water, allowing baristas to extract the best in flavor from their coffee beans, to make their very own individual beverage.

Made for a single serving of coffee the Bambino is perfect for the young professional looking to make a good impression in the office or for the person who loves to casually entertain. With a steam nozzle to allow frothing milk, Bambino vs Bambino Plus Breville two cup sizes, and a removable drip tray the Bambino can do more than just brew a cup of coffee it can also brew tea. The Bambino brews in 6, 8, and 10 oz cups.

The Bambino is a single-serve coffee maker that is perfect for home or office use. It has a tall, ergonomic handle and brews a cup of coffee in 2 minutes. Bambino vs Bambino Plus Breville Simply insert a coffee pod, pour hot water into the reservoir, press the button, and in 2 minutes, coffee is ready to drink! Bambino vs Bambino Plus Breville The Bambino is small and compact making it easy to store and use.

Bambino coffee maker
Capacity 64 Fluid Ounces
Brand Breville
Color  Brushed Stainless Steel
Special Feature Manual

Feature of  Bambino coffee maker

easy to use

Having a machine that is easy to use, or user-friendly, can make all of your mornings and evenings a lot less stressful. Bambino vs Bambino Plus Breville No one wants to spend half an hour trying to figure out how to operate a coffeemaker—it is nice when you can just push a button and start getting what you need for breakfast. Bambino vs Bambino Plus Breville If you have been struggling with klutzy machines in the past, look for something that does not require effort from you; instead, it will do all of its work on its own.


With its elegant, modern design, you’ll love making cappuccinos and lattes with your new Mr. Coffee® Single Cup System. Bambino vs Bambino Plus Breville With a sleek black color, it easily blends in with your kitchen decor and looks great on any countertop. Bambino vs Bambino Plus Breville Plus, cleanup is simple because it fits easily into standard dishwashers for quick clean-up after every use.

good quality

You will probably already have some favorite brands, but you should try to find one that fits your budget. Though you don’t want to get ripped off on an expensive product, Bambino vs Bambino Plus Breville you also don’t want to buy something that is so cheap it breaks immediately and leaves you having wasted money. Try looking for products from brands such as Capresso or DeLonghi. Bambino vs Bambino Plus Breville They tend to be a bit more pricey than other brands but tend to last longer, too.

value for money

The cost of a high-quality bean-to-cup machine isn’t insignificant. A Bambino, for example, will set you back several hundred dollars. Bambino vs Bambino Plus Breville But taking into account its longevity (these machines typically last for years) and energy efficiency, it’s worth every penny. So what makes it so great?

Bambino Plus Breville

Bambino Plus is a portable infant warmer designed to be used in the car seat or pram. It is a simple, portable product that has several functions. Bambino Plus has a soft and easy-to-clean surface that is easy to wipe with a damp cloth making it easy to clean after use. Bambino vs Bambino Plus Breville This warm and secure product will protect your child from draughts, as well as keep them warm if they get cold.

This ” Bambino Plus Breville” is manufactured with premium quality and full functionality. You can use this ” Bambino Plus Breville” for multiple purposes. ” Bambino Plus Breville” by {PRODUCT} will always give you the best experience. The features of this ” Bambino Plus Breville” include.

Bambino Plus is Germany’s leading manufacturer of classic cribs, Moses baskets, high chairs, and toddler beds. Founded in 1876, Bambino Plus has been combining safety, comfort, and ease of use in its products for 135 years. The Bambino Plus Paloma 3-in-1 Moses Basket is made from 100% cotton for added breathability and comfort.

Bambino Plus Breville
Capacity 4 Pounds
Brand Breville
Wattage 1560 watts
Item Dimensions LxWxH 7.7 x 11.8 x 12.6 inches
  • Lots of customization settings
  • Great cleaning functions
  • Not suitable for use with pods

Feature of Bambino Plus Breville

A Baby Formula Dispenser

The good news about the formula is that it’s generally healthier for babies than powdered milk, but when it comes to dispensing formulas, there are a lot of high-quality products out there to choose from. With a dispenser, you’ll be able to easily control your baby’s portion size with each feeding and you won’t have to worry about overfeeding or spilling milk all over yourself. We also like that they come in multiple colors.

A Steam Sterilizer

While you may not be aware, your baby’s bottles and pacifiers can actually host tons of bacteria. This is a problem as harmful bacteria can cause health issues for babies like ear infections. For parents who are worried about their little one’s health and want to make sure everything is cleaned properly, a steam sterilizer may be just what they need. With one of these on hand, you’ll never have to worry about germs in your baby’s food again.

An Ultra-Fast Boiler

The added quick-boil technology lets you get your water to boil in just one minute! This means that you can be enjoying a cup of tea or coffee within minutes after starting your device, without waiting for it to heat up. The benefit here is twofold: first, you’ll never be kept waiting when you want a hot drink; second, it’s not necessary to constantly reheat water when using your machine. This saves energy and money over time!

A Self-Cleaning Lid

At times, we’re too lazy to wash our dishes. If you have kids, they will be even worse. If you really can’t stand seeing food that may get stale on your blender jar and blades, then a self-cleaning lid is just what you need. The lid can be placed in a dishwasher so you don’t have to touch it at all.

Automatic Temp Control

Forgetting to set your temperature before you brew is all too easy to do. Luckily, with temperature control, there’s no need to worry about leaving it behind accidentally. So long as your machine has a digital or an analog mode with an automatic setting, you can rest assured that your drink will be brewed at whatever temp you program into it.


The main difference between the two is the Breville Bambino Plus comes with a larger capacity. The Breville Bambino Plus has a 1.5ltr water tank, while the Breville Bambino has a 1.2ltr tank. Both models are great for anyone looking to make bread in their own home. Both of these bread makers come with a 26-hour timer. The controls are also very simple. The kneading paddle and the loaf pan are removable. The non-stick pan makes it really easy for you to take the bread out of the pan to slice it.