Breville Bambino Plus vs Bambino

If you are looking to buy a new espresso maker, you might be wondering what the difference between the Breville Bambino Plus and the Breville Bambino Plus vs Bambino. Is it worth the extra money or are you paying for features that you don’t need? This blog will take a look at the similarities and differences between these two espresso machines.

With the market full of espresso makers, it can be hard to pick one out. There are differences between them and it’s hard to find the right one. Breville Bambino Plus vs Bambino This blog looks at the differences between the Breville Bambino Plus and the Breville Bambino to help you pick the right one for you.

There are many people who are confused in between Breville Bambino Plus and Bambino. These two products come with the same features but different looks. Breville Bambino Plus vs Bambino I would help you in making the right and correct decision between these two products.

Breville Bambino plus coffee maker

The brewing is done under pressure so you get a rich, full flavor without bitterness, delivering a smooth and satisfying coffee with every cup. Breville Bambino Plus vs Bambino The conical burr coffee grinder is designed with high quality for a consistent grind, eliminating coffee grounds that are too fine or too coarse – delivering a flavourful and smooth cup of coffee.

The Bambino is the only fully automatic espresso machine in its class, making it perfect for any coffee lover looking for an easy-to-use and stylish machine. Breville Bambino Plus vs Bambino The new version of the Bambino is the most compact and stylish Bambino yet. Designed with a stainless steel exterior and polished black control panel, this coffee maker will look fantastic in any kitchen.

Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with the Bambino Deluxe Espresso and Cappuccino Machine from Breville. This machine is equipped with a 15-bar pump and dual heating discs to create an authentic espresso and steam at the touch of a button. Breville Bambino Plus vs Bambino The double wall insulated thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for up to 3 hours and the easy-to-read LCD interface allows you to monitor your brew.

Breville Bambino coffee maker
Capacity 64 Fluid Ounces
Brand Breville
Color  Brushed Stainless Steel
Special Feature Manual
  • Lots of customization settings
  • Great cleaning functions
  • Fast heat-up time
  • -Not suitable for use with pods

feature of Breville Bambino plus coffee maker

Easy to clean

Cleaning your coffee maker is more than a pleasant way to start your day. There are plenty of germs and bacteria in kitchens all over, so it’s crucial to keep clean anything that comes into contact with food and drinks, including your kitchen appliances.

Steam wand lock

As any coffee lover knows, there’s nothing more satisfying than a cup of coffee freshly brewed in your kitchen. Breville Bambino Plus vs Bambino But sometimes it’s hard to get that full flavor out of every pot when you make it yourself. Breville Bambino Plus vs Bambino That’s because your steam wand can build up condensation, which changes how much pressure you apply to your grounds.

Power button safety lock

The safety lock feature on the Breville Bambino coffee maker is a great safety feature if you’re concerned about leaving your machine on accidentally and burning down your kitchen. Breville Bambino Plus vs Bambino It allows you to set a timer that turns off your coffee maker after 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours or 8 hours. It also has an automatic shut-off function that kicks in at 9 o’clock each night – very handy if you work late into evening.

Large carafe with easy grip handle

As we all know, one of the best parts about coffee is that it’s more like a social event than a drink. The largest carafe on our list makes 12 cups at once so you can easily share with friends and family. Plus, its durable handle feels comfortable in your hand as you pour. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Adjustable brew strength selector

The Breville Bambino doesn’t only brew delicious coffee and espresso but it can also brew tea, hot chocolate, and cocoa. Breville Bambino Plus vs Bambino The strength selector allows you to make a pot weak or strong depending on your preferences. It even has a built-in tea basket that you can use to steep loose leaf teas. Breville Bambino Plus vs Bambino Simply add boiling water over your favorite tea bag or loose leaf tea and let it steep for 5 minutes.


Bambino coffee maker

The Bambino is a single serve coffee maker from Hamilton Beach. The Bambino has a premium charcoal water filter built into the reservoir that is designed to eliminate chlorine, bad tastes and odours from tap water, allowing baristas to extract the best in flavour from their coffee beans, to make their very own individual beverage.

Made for a single serving of coffee the Bambino is perfect for the young professional looking to make a good impression in the office or for the person who loves to casually entertain. Breville Bambino Plus vs Bambino With a steam nozzle to allow frothing milk, two cup sizes and a removable drip tray the Bambino can do more than just brew a cup of coffee it can also brew tea. The Bambino brews 6, 8 and 10 oz cups.

The Bambino is a single serve coffee maker that is perfect for home or office use. It has a tall, ergonomic handle and brews a cup of coffee in 2 minutes. Breville Bambino Plus vs Bambino Simply insert a coffee pod, pour hot water into the reservoir, press the button and in 2 minutes, coffee is ready to drink! The Bambino is small and compact making it easy to store and use.

Bambino coffee maker
Capacity 64 Fluid Ounces
Brand Breville
Color  Brushed Stainless Steel
Special Feature Manual

feature of  Bambino coffee maker

easy to use

Having a machine that is easy to use, or user-friendly, can make all of your mornings and evenings a lot less stressful. No one wants to spend half an hour trying to figure out how to operate a coffeemaker—it is nice when you can just push a button and start getting what you need for breakfast. If you have been struggling with klutzy machines in the past, look for something that does not require effort from you; instead, it will do all of its work on its own.


With its elegant, modern design, you’ll love making cappuccinos and lattes with your new Mr. Coffee® Single Cup System . With a sleek black color, it easily blends in with your kitchen decor and looks great on any countertop. Plus, cleanup is simple because it fits easily into standard dishwashers for quick clean-up after every use.

good quality

You will probably already have some favorite brands, but you should try to find one that fits your budget. Though you don’t want to get ripped off on an expensive product, you also don’t want to buy something that is so cheap it breaks immediately and leaves you having wasted money. Try looking for products from brands such as Capresso or DeLonghi. They tend to be a bit more pricey than other brands but tend to last longer, too.

value for money

The cost of a high-quality bean-to-cup machine isn’t insignificant. A Bambino, for example, will set you back several hundred dollars. Breville Bambino Plus vs Bambino But taking into account its longevity (these machines typically last for years) and energy efficiency, it’s worth every penny. So what makes it so great?


Before we get into the details, let’s take a quick look at the similarities between these two machines. The Breville Bambino Plus and the Breville Bambino are both under $200 and have a 15 bar pressure pump, an internal boiler, and two thermostats. They both also have a 1.5 liter water tank, removable drip tray, and they both have a brew time of around 25 seconds. So what are the differences between these two machines? Let’s take a look.